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What is the difference between Osteopathy & Physiotherapy?

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Osteopathy is the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. In border terms, this means injuries or healing relating to bones, muscles, fascia tendons and ligaments. It helps restore any structural and mechanical dysfunctions of a body and restore the body to a good state of balance. The purpose of this treatment includes pain relief, prevention of future injury or illness and many other benefits. The osteopaths at Caroline Springs also help those suffering from physical imbalances, strains, and helps one maintain their state of health.

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Thus, an Osteopath not only evaluates all symptoms but also investigates other factors that potentially contribute to a bad health issue. The issue can be pertaining to lifestyle, family history and even if someone has been through a bad trauma in the past. Some of the common treatments include relieving muscle tension, enhancing blood and nerve supply to tissues.

Difference between Osteopathy vs. Physiotherapy


  1. The treatment includes massage of skeleton and musculature.
  2. They consider a body on the whole and account for the nervous system, muscular system, as well as, a psychological system.
  3. It includes treatment of diaphragm to treat lower back pain.
  4. For those with hip pain, it involves treatment of ankles.
  5. It involves the treatment of joints, bones, soft tissues as well as muscles and nerves.
  6. The approach of an osteopath is to treat a body as a whole and examine a problem like a knee or an ankle.


  1. This is a treatment of a disease, injury or deformity using solutions like a massage, heat treatment and exercise.
  2. Physiotherapists, unlike Osteopaths, prefer using exercise and other therapies rather than a hands-on approach.
  3. They study the anatomy and physiology of the body.
  4. They usually try to attempt to provide more exercise based treatment to manage their patient’s problems.
  5. Some of the common treatment techniques include hydrotherapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, manipulation of joints, and many more.

B Enhanced Health has expert osteopaths at Caroline Springs to help patients with issues with muscle, nerve and joints. We help people with issues with the ankle, back pain, disc prolapsed, knee pain, neck pain, pelvic floor, hip and pelvis pain and many more such issues. Besides osteopathy, B Enhanced also offers other services like naturopathy and are likely to offer physiotherapy services in the future.