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Is Surgery Really The Best Option? More About Treating Sciatica

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Affecting every 4 out of 10 individuals over the span of their life, sciatica is a problem that results in pain radiating down the lower back, which eventually travels down the leg. Pain, numbness, and muscle weakness are common sensations during this condition and in order to avoid continued suffering for the entirety of a lifetime, finding the best treatment for sciatica should be at the top of your list of priorities.

The best treatment for sciatica

There are quite a few methods of going about the treatment of sciatica

  1. Medications
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Acupuncture and Biofeedback Treatments
  4. Surgery

Medications are the first suggestions that doctors hold during the treatment of a problem. Often, medicines and physical therapy are prescribed together in order to ensure that the body begins to heal internally and externally. For example, while medication helps in the subsidisation of the swelling and redness, physical activity can help increase the body’s strength in order to make you fit. Osteopaths and physiotherapists are certified doctors and can help you regain your lost fitness.

Acupuncture and biofeedback treatments fall under the list of unverified treatments for sciatica. When referred to as ‘unverified,’ it simply means that the treatment hasn’t been proved to be beneficial for the same scientifically. However, when it comes to patients that need cardiovascular attention, biofeedback can be beneficial. The final treatment for sciatica comes under the tag of ‘surgery.’ Getting surgery as a result of sciatica is highly unlikely and doctors try to avoid reaching this solution most times. If the pain continues to reside in the patient’s body even after 6 weeks of treatment, surgery might be one of the only options left.

While following through with the treatment of sciatica, it’s important to be aware that surgery is one of the least recommended measures of fixing the problem. However, if there is a herniated disk that is pressurising the nerve, then surgery might be the only way to fix your pain. In order to begin your treatment, only the best osteopath in Melbourne can help you recover rapidly. B Enhanced Health can help you with physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments in order to help you become healthy and fine as soon as possible!